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Master These 5 Popular Pole Dance Moves

Whether these are brand-new or practiced to perfection, consider adding these Pole Dance tricks to your list of favorites. Everyone has their favorite Pole Dance moves that they love to practice — but sometimes, new inspiration needs to strike. New Pole Dancers can enjoy a whole range of tricks to work towards, while practiced Pole Dancers can find comfort in returning to the basics. While everyone can take advantage of online Pole Dance classes , give these a try during your next session. Cradle Spin Level: Beginner This is a fun way to jazz up a sexy walk around the pole without climbing or inverting. To set up, slide your inside hand down to push against the pole, while your outside hand pulls your body in perpendicular to the pole. Bring those knees in to get into a ball, For best results, perform this move on spin, to get extra rotations in and create a beautiful shape. Jasmine Level: Beginner/Intermediate Jasmine is the ultimate transition move. This sideways trick is often the f

7 Safety Tips for Practicing Pole Dancing At Home

Pole dancing at home is a unique option for those who love to move and stay active. We’ve compiled a shortlist of safety tips below to ensure you get the most out of practising pole fitness at home. Once you’re ready to train, sign in to your account. If you’re new to Lush Motion click here and start your Free 7-Day Trial.

Pole Dancing At Home

Always warm-up and cool-down

If you’re a beginner or an experienced pole dancer, it’s essential to warm up and cool down when pole dancing at home. Failing to warm up before training could result in injury so we always encourage doing an adequate warm-up. If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend following our quick and energising pole warm-up routine.

Give yourself space when pole dancing at home

Before beginning your training, check if your space is clear. Move any items from the surrounding area, including anything on the floor. Make sure there is nothing close by that could cause injury once you start moving around your pole. This includes removing any pets in the vicinity before you begin to practise. Remember to also check the space above if you plan on practising inverts (to avoid any accidents involving light fixtures).

Check the stability of your pole

This is something that is sometimes forgotten about once your pole has been installed. It’s important to check the stability of your pole as it can loosen over time, which could affect safety. Before you begin, check the pole is stable against the ceiling and the joints are tight.

Invest in a crash mat

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, a crash mat offers an extra level of security when trying to perfect a difficult move. When trying out inverts or releases, the chance of falling is greater. Investing in a mat ensures if something does go wrong then you’ll have a softer landing.

Practise proper technique

When pole dancing at home, it’s still important to practise proper technique as you train. Here at Lush Motion, we offer a wide range of pole dance classes to help you with your pole technique. We can help you master the most important aspects. The more you learn through our online classes, the more you can keep proper technique in mind and avoid injury.

Use grip aids to help

Training at home can be a completely different experience than in a studio. You might find that your pole at home feels different than what you’re used to in the studio. This can be due to several factors such as material and perspiration. If you’re struggling with grip when pole dancing at home; this is where a grip aid can help. It helps to reduce grip problems meaning you have more room to focus on your technique.

Stay hydrated

You’re not training in a studio but it’s still important to stay hydrated while working out. Water is the best option to avoid your performance from becoming affected. When you’re not hydrated, both your mind and body cannot function properly. We encourage staying hydrated at regular intervals.

Final thoughts

There are many health benefits of practising pole dance. Yet, we also believe when pole dancing at home, it’s important to actively engage our bodies while minimising risk. This can be difficult when practising an aerial sport so it’s important to put certain safety measurements in place. We hope this post has reassured you that you can have fun pole dancing at home while being safe.


Can I learn to pole dance at home?

It’s possible to learn how to pole dance at home. We encourage you to sign up for online classes at Lush Motion so you can practice safely alongside our qualified instructors.

What is the best pole for pole dancing at home?

We have tried and tested several different poles, and we have decided to partner with Lupit Poles. They produce the highest quality poles and continuously improve their products. You can get a 5% discount on any of their poles if you use code LUSH5 at checkout, see their full home pole product range here.

How much space do I need to pole dance at home?

Before beginning your training, check your space is clear. Ideally, you should be able to extend yourself from your pole without touching a wall or any furniture. Don’t forget to check the space above if you plan on practising inverts.

Is pole dancing at home safe to learn?

Pole dance is an aerial sport so there is risk involved. When you practice pole dance at home, it’s important to follow these safety tips. If you follow our pole technique classes you will learn to master the most important techniques. From here, you can build on these skills and advance further. Checkout Useful Tips For Pole Dancing In Heels.

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