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Conquering Aerial Anxiety During Pole Dance Class

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned expert at Pole Dance; everyone feels the fear at some point. You’ve watched the instructor do the move, you’ve replayed the online Pole Dance class, you’ve studied it, hyped yourself up, counted down into it, and then… nothing. You don’t do it, your fear gets the best of you and it stops you in your tracks. It always ends with that same feeling of frustration, so how can we overcome it? Here at Lush Motion , we explore the reasons and solutions below. What causes the fear? Your body is doing amazing things during your Pole Dance class. It’s working every muscle and relying on it all coming together to nail that one move. However, Pole Dance is more than physical strength. Our Pole Technique classes prove there are many important aspects to Pole Dance. The risk of falling and injury is naturally a part of the sport. However, it also forces us to confront our fear of failure during each Pole Dance class. From an early age, we’re taught to avoid fai

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