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Fighting Dizziness and Nausea on Spin Pole

Do you find yourself clinging to the pole when it’s spinning? Despite the level of experience, someone who does Pole Dance can still experience the problem of nausea and dizziness on Spin Pole. One moment you feel as graceful as a ballerina, the next moment you feel you might lose your grip. Lush Motion explains why Spin Pole makes you so nauseous and what you can do to combat it. Is Spinny Pole as easy as it looks? Both Spin Pole and static pole each have their own challenges. Spinny Pole has an added element of difficulty because of the speed the Pole spins at. The closer you are to the Pole, the faster you go due to the momentum. This can cause you to spin too fast and become prone to dizziness or injury. We recommend following our Spinny Pole classes and discover how Spinny Pole can transform your routine. Why am I so dizzy and nauseous after spinning? Whether, and to what extent, you feel dizzy or nauseous is different for every person who trains on Spinny Pole. Some people feel

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