Master These 5 Popular Pole Dance Moves

Whether these are brand-new or practiced to perfection, consider adding these Pole Dance tricks to your list of favorites.

Everyone has their favorite Pole Dance moves that they love to practice — but sometimes, new inspiration needs to strike. New Pole Dancers can enjoy a whole range of tricks to work towards, while practiced Pole Dancers can find comfort in returning to the basics. While everyone can take advantage of online Pole Dance classes, give these a try during your next session.

Cradle Spin

Level: Beginner

This is a fun way to jazz up a sexy walk around the pole without climbing or inverting. To set up, slide your inside hand down to push against the pole, while your outside hand pulls your body in perpendicular to the pole. Bring those knees in to get into a ball,

For best results, perform this move on spin, to get extra rotations in and create a beautiful shape.


Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Jasmine is the ultimate transition move. This sideways trick is often the first leg hang from an invert, and is an excellent learning tool for Pole Dancers that are leveling up in their practice.

To accomplish a Jasmine from the floor, lift the inside leg to hook on the pole. Lower the torso down and grab over the knee and under the straight leg. Move forward and down to catch the bottom leg, or maneuver it around to fall backwards. Don’t forget to push the chest high and hips forward to lock it in.

From an invert, hool the outside leg on the pole. Push up with the bottom hand to connect the inside leg thigh to the pole, and arch the back while releasing the top hand.


Level: Intermediate

Laybacks are scalable, popular Pole Dance moves that can be adjusted with one or both legs straight. From a pole sit, straighten the legs and cross at the ankles, using the inner thighs to grip the pole. For more stability, cross one leg on top to catch the back of the knee before leaning back. While leaning back, lift the legs so the knees touch the pole and release the torso down.

To get out of a layback with style, make sure the hands are close to the ground. Touch down and push off into a handstand, handspring or other preferred trick.

Exercise safety when practicing Pole Dance tricks at home — especially higher-level Pole Dance moves that carry added risks. Investing in crash mats, grip aids or even sticky gear will ensure that every session is safe and successful.

Jade Split

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

This move might look terrifying, but multiple contact points make it a breathtaking Pole Dance trick to settle into from an invert.

From an outside leg hang, swing the inside leg around in a rhon de jambe — French for “circular movement” — to bring the ankle close to the face, grabbing it with the opposite hand. Use the bottom arm that’s holding the invert and support the lower back, while squeezing the pole close to the body. Straighten the legs together, then move the free leg down and away to create an upside-down split.

Iron X

Level: Advanced

Many seasoned dancers view the Iron X as a rite of passage for crushing more advanced moves. From the ground, kick up into a handspring position and then twist down to get the body parallel to the ground. To accomplish this move from the sky, move the hands into a twisted grip hold and bring the legs overhead, then down and away to maneuver the body away from the pole into that signature “X” shape.

The Iron X demands physical strength, meaning that gym training for Pole Dancing will come in handy.

Learn Moves at All Levels with Lush Motion

It’s not just “new year, new me” when it comes to Pole Dancing. At Lush Motion, we’re committed to bringing “new year, new moves” to your repertoire. Sign up for a trial Pole Dance class to start exploring a whole new world of tricks, or sign up for an online Pole Dance course to continue your journey with dozens of classes.

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