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Master These 5 Popular Pole Dance Moves

Whether these are brand-new or practiced to perfection, consider adding these Pole Dance tricks to your list of favorites. Everyone has their favorite Pole Dance moves that they love to practice — but sometimes, new inspiration needs to strike. New Pole Dancers can enjoy a whole range of tricks to work towards, while practiced Pole Dancers can find comfort in returning to the basics. While everyone can take advantage of online Pole Dance classes , give these a try during your next session. Cradle Spin Level: Beginner This is a fun way to jazz up a sexy walk around the pole without climbing or inverting. To set up, slide your inside hand down to push against the pole, while your outside hand pulls your body in perpendicular to the pole. Bring those knees in to get into a ball, For best results, perform this move on spin, to get extra rotations in and create a beautiful shape. Jasmine Level: Beginner/Intermediate Jasmine is the ultimate transition move. This sideways trick is often the f

Returning to Pole Dance After Pregnancy

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is not intended and should not be understood as medical advice. The information is not a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.

Returning to Pole Dance after pregnancy is a scary thought. You’ve spent the past few months in a whirlwind of emotions and diapers. There’s a high chance you’ll take anywhere from months to years until you think about returning. This means you might have lost some strength, resulting in a feeling of insecurity. Continuing from our previous blog post How to Pole Dance Safely during Pregnancy, it’s important to talk about returning to Pole Dance after your baby has been born.

It might be tempting to dive back into your usual schedule. Pole Dance is an intense workout, even for those who haven’t experienced pregnancy. Your body is recovering so you should gently ease back into your workout regime. Lush Motion is here to offer you advice about returning to Pole Dance after pregnancy, and most importantly, how to take care of yourself when training.

Back to the Basics

Before returning to Pole Dance, it’s important to connect to the fundamentals again. It’s recommended to start from the beginning. Slow and steady is key, as it might feel like you’re having to learn everything all over again. This is understandable, and nothing but normal, so be kind to yourself. Once you feel ready to place your hands on the pole again, our instructors are here with the Pole Basics.

Restore your core

Internally, your core has changed considerably. During pregnancy, the abdomen muscles are stretched to an extreme. This means those muscles require serious TLC prior to returning to Pole Dance. Exercises such as Pilates can help strengthen your core and abdominal area. Check out our Body Shape category which focuses on fitness, strength and conditioning. Remember to always seek professional medical advice first, before returning to exercise postpartum.

Let Go of Expectations

As soon as you touch the pole again, it’s tempting to start setting yourself goals. You might find yourself promising that by your fourth week, you’ll be able to do inverts again. Then when it doesn’t happen, you instantly feel so disappointed. Stop setting yourself up for failure! It’s better to acknowledge the changes your body has been through, and accept it’s the way it is for now. Your pace of progression is personal to you and your body.

Skin sensitivity

You’ll notice when you’re back on the pole that your skin might be overly sensitive. When you return to Pole Dance after pregnancy, your skin is no longer used to the gripping sensation. You’re experiencing pain when sitting on the pole, or the infamous inner thigh rash. The good news, your skin can be reconditioned again. However, the adjustment can take anywhere from weeks to a few months. As you practice your moves more, your skin will gradually adapt and toughen up.

Listen to your Body

The fundamentals and drills are what will get you started on your return to Pole Dance after pregnancy. Accompanied with muscle memory, you’ll eventually find yourself gaining back your strength and technique. If you’d like to explore our catalogue of classes, start your free 7-day trial today and gain instant access. As a general guideline, remember to listen to your body and the advice from your medical practitioner.


When can I start pole dancing again after giving birth?

It's great to see you’d like to get back to your exercise journey after the birth of your baby. It’s suggested women who have an uncomplicated pregnancy are able to start returning to their fitness routine around 6 weeks postpartum. However, you should always seek medical advice from your doctor.

Which exercises can I do after giving birth?

Once you feel ready to return to exercising again, and you’ve sought medical advice, light cardio and pilates are suitable. Exercises like belly breathing, abdominal bracing, planks and pelvic tilts can help restore your core.

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