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Master These 5 Popular Pole Dance Moves

Whether these are brand-new or practiced to perfection, consider adding these Pole Dance tricks to your list of favorites. Everyone has their favorite Pole Dance moves that they love to practice — but sometimes, new inspiration needs to strike. New Pole Dancers can enjoy a whole range of tricks to work towards, while practiced Pole Dancers can find comfort in returning to the basics. While everyone can take advantage of online Pole Dance classes , give these a try during your next session. Cradle Spin Level: Beginner This is a fun way to jazz up a sexy walk around the pole without climbing or inverting. To set up, slide your inside hand down to push against the pole, while your outside hand pulls your body in perpendicular to the pole. Bring those knees in to get into a ball, For best results, perform this move on spin, to get extra rotations in and create a beautiful shape. Jasmine Level: Beginner/Intermediate Jasmine is the ultimate transition move. This sideways trick is often the f

How to Improve at Pole Dancing

You’ve taken several lessons and now you’re wondering: how you can actively improve at Pole Dance? When it comes to this sport, it’s easy to fall in love with it. It can boost your confidence along with improving your fitness. You might wonder how you can keep improving at Pole Dance while avoiding a plateau in your training. It’s still early days in your training but this is a valid concern, read our tips below to find out how you can keep progressing.

Change your Perception

You might have heard of the common phrase “mind over matter”, this applies to Pole Dance as well! If you start your class with the belief that you can’t do it, your body will reflect this thought in its movement. You have to change your perception of your performance. We recommend envisioning how you would like to move around the pole. Remember that every attempt is a step closer to becoming stronger. When you overcome the way you think, you’ll be able to focus more on your triumphs.

Attend Regular Classes

When learning any new skill, you need to practice and maintain it regularly. In a sport like Pole Dance; you have to pay a lot of attention to your form (and remember to point your toes!) Each Pole Technique class you attend with Lush Motion builds muscle memory. Our instructors will break down the Pole Dance moves for you step by step. Overall, it’s better to take part in classes consistently, rather than sporadically.

Left and Right

Everyone has a preferred (or dominant) side when Pole Dancing. It’s important to practice moves on both sides. You might not see the point in doing this as it might feel difficult and awkward. However, it will become clear how fundamental it is when you start getting into your flow. If you only train one side, this could lead to muscle imbalance and potential injury. You can avoid this by making the conscious decision to train both sides during class.

Remember to Stretch

Flexibility is a key concept in Pole Dance. In general, we need flexibility to maintain a good range of motion in our joints. Stretching helps keep your muscles healthy, strong, and flexible. It also helps minimise the risk of injury. Do you feel like your flexibility needs some work? At Lush Motion, we offer a range of Flexibility classes for all levels. Once you start working on your flexibility, you’ll see a gradual improvement in your form and posture. This is another element that will help you improve at Pole Dance.

Condition your Body

When Pole Dancing, relying on your upper body strength isn’t enough. There are so many other elements of fitness that are involved. If you find yourself becoming fatigued during class, consider adjusting your workout routine. Exercises that condition your muscle groups will help you improve further with Pole Dance. It can also help with your cardio. Consider improving your workout routine with Body Shape from Lush Motion and feel the burn!

Keep Going

Pole Dance is a sport that teaches strength, determination and patience. You might find at the beginning, there is a big learning curve. This is the first barrier to push through but once you do, you’ll start seeing the results! Additional exercises can pay off immensely if you’re aiming to improve. Lush Motion offers unlimited access to Pole, Strength and Flexibility workouts accessible at any time through our fitness platform. Find out more about our catalogue of classes or start your Free 7-Day Trial to get access immediately. With classes, practice and a solid workout routine, you can achieve your goals.


How can I improve at Pole Dance?

We recommend attending regular Pole Dance classes, accompanied by an additional workout routine. In between classes, you should do complementary workouts (like core strengthening). Read more tips on how to improve at Pole Dancing on our blog.

How often should I practice Pole Dancing?

You should aim to have two or three sessions per week, with conditioning or complimentary workouts in between. Lush Motion provides a wide variety of fitness classes that are perfect if you want to practice Pole Dance and improve your workout routine.

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