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Master These 5 Popular Pole Dance Moves

Whether these are brand-new or practiced to perfection, consider adding these Pole Dance tricks to your list of favorites. Everyone has their favorite Pole Dance moves that they love to practice — but sometimes, new inspiration needs to strike. New Pole Dancers can enjoy a whole range of tricks to work towards, while practiced Pole Dancers can find comfort in returning to the basics. While everyone can take advantage of online Pole Dance classes , give these a try during your next session. Cradle Spin Level: Beginner This is a fun way to jazz up a sexy walk around the pole without climbing or inverting. To set up, slide your inside hand down to push against the pole, while your outside hand pulls your body in perpendicular to the pole. Bring those knees in to get into a ball, For best results, perform this move on spin, to get extra rotations in and create a beautiful shape. Jasmine Level: Beginner/Intermediate Jasmine is the ultimate transition move. This sideways trick is often the f

Prepare with Pole Fundamentals: Warm Up Classes

Master these moves and mobility exercises to have your best class yet.

Embracing the Pole Dance experience means developing a strong warm-up routine that covers all of the basics. A proper routine can last up to twenty minutes or more, and incorporates all areas of the body to prepare for an active dance session. Whether this is your first Pole Dance lesson or your thousandth, here are a few things to keep in mind to cover pole fundamentals, warm up classes and more.

Master Your Pole Fundamentals Warm Up Classes

Establishing a balanced warm-up routine will set you up for success. Repetition in Pole Dance fundamentals warm up classes encourage improving Pole Dancing skills and developing style and strength. To ensure no areas are skipped, target the following areas with these stretches.

Head and Neck: Head rolls, shoulder rolls and arm rotations all aid this area. Look up, down, and side to side to prepare for potential quick movements.

Arms and Shoulders: Scapular retractions can help warm up the shoulders and strengthen arm muscles. Grasp the pole above your head and bring your shoulder blades down, then shrug them as you pull up. Don’t forget the fingers, as well.

Abdominals: Tuck the pole under one arm and grab with both hands above your head. Bring your legs in, hold for a few seconds, and lower them slowly. This is also an excellent invert training method.

Hips: Simple flamingo stretches always do the trick. Hold onto the pole and grab the bent knee from the outside of the angle. Kick the bent leg back, leaning forward to incorporate the core and arch the spine. Moves from the floor can consist of pigeon and frog stretches to open the joints further.

Legs: Squats, lunges, plies, leg swings and basic barre exercises all benefit the legs when working through a warm-up. For an easier round of stretches, move to the floor for yoga-inspired frog and cobra poses to get an extra stretch.

Feet: Roll out your ankles and put gentle pressure on the toes to increase blood flow to the joints.

Basic Warm-Up Moves and Spins

While static stretching can help prime the muscles, incorporating movement into the warm-up is an excellent way to raise your heart rate and get excited for the class to come.

Start with Spins

This is one of the most enjoyable ways to touch on the fundamentals. Warm up classes with dip turns, fireman spins, chair spins, fan kicks and other low flow elements. Revisiting basic spins is essential for even the most advanced Pole Dancers.

Give Climbs a Try

Climbing is the ultimate pole fundamental move. Warm up classes by moving through the basics as a beginner, or mastering side climbs and circus climbs as an intermediate or advanced dancer for an added challenge. 

Don’t Forget Cardiovascular Training

A few minutes of intense movement can boost energy levels and raise your heart rate further. Exercises to try include jumping jacks, jogging in place or even engaging in some high-energy dance moves to kick-start the workout. 

Create Choreography

After moving through the fundamentals, take a beat and practice a short low flow routine. This gives the opportunity to settle into the musicality of the class, while priming limbs for a progression of moves or tricks to come. Freestyling allows for passion, while others might prefer to chip away at a routine they’ve been working on. The choice is up to you. 

Get Started with Pole Dance Fundamentals Today

Learn everything from day one basics to your new standard of fundamentals with Lush Motion’s online platform. If you’re ready to dive in, sign up for our monthly subscription service to access videos regarding Pole Dance Basics and other beginner elements. Or, start your 7-day trial to explore our extensive library of dances, conditioning moves and other helpful tutorials. 

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